The Day It All Changed

It was shortly after my Grand mom died.

She went into shocked state and came out as a different person.

She had taken care of my Grand mom most of her life. Even though my grand mom had a few scares. She always recovered and was never truly gone. But then it finally happened. And my mother when into shock to protect herself from the grief.

When she left the shock, she came back in a new world that was her own. Things that were once a distance memory were now all connected together in this made up conspiracy.

Colors, places, people, and any random thing took on new meanings. You could easily identify the things in her past to her delusions… But they quickly became unrealistic nonsense.

Her brother that spent time in prison, turned into a conspiracy of the courts and security watching us in our homes and imprisoning us remotely.

Colors like orange represented acid in the body. People and names all became part of some conspiracy to take over our lives.

She lost interest in everything meaning. And took on a new focus that only made sense in her head.

Overall she was still completely functional. It takes a while to notice something was going on mentally. She could cook, clean, take care of herself and constantly watched other people kids. Yet she had the belief she didn’t suppose to work. And heard voices so resisted going anywhere new.

I don’t know how to fix it. No one does.

The best responses I’ve gotten so far is “It’s ok to be crazy”.

It took me a while but only day I just accepted the person I knew was gone. And had to find a way to love the new person in front of me….

I’m a martial artist…. But how exactly do you fight against something you can’t see?